Thursday, February 9, 2012


DAY 95-96


Woke up and headed to the clinic for blood test. Walked in paid 12 bucks for two test sat down 3 minutes later got blood drawn and out the door. I walked around and exercised the legs. I met a nice German girl Nikki who needed to go to the mall so we split a taxi and headed to the mall. I walked around picked up those knee and elbow pads, low end Shift gear but they will do the trick. Also found a small tiny solo travel speaker for cheap, a new earpiece/ mic for skyping with the fam and friends, and I found air filter oil and cleaner. Not too bad, same price as home. Nikki got everything she needed and we headed home.

I had a pretty mellow day, just been taking it easy and researching places I want to go once I hit South America. I messed around on the computer made a quick dinner of tuna and pasta; then I went to bed.

As soon as I awoke on Wednesday morning I went directly to the clinic. Sat and waited for 30 minutes paid .50 cents and saw the doctor. All of my tests came back PERFECT!!!! She said I seemed very healthy, other than my Uric Acid level she thought it was a little high and could come down some. So I got once a day pills for the next 30 days, no red meat, beans, BEER, or raw Tomatoes; I also need to get off my bike more often stretch and walk around. I can start fully exercising (running, working out) in a week. I was so relieved when she said I was fine and good to go on my way. I celebrated by making myself a rice, veggies, and lobster dinner. I was walking around near the water met a nice girl from Boston (Jodi) who has been traveling for 4 years and is on her way back to Australia to live with her boyfriend. We talked for over 3 hours and just hung out and then I headed back to the hostel and past out.

I also paid my Deposit for my boat ride on the 13th so I am set to go!!

I still have not heard from my friend Clay who should have gotten to Colombia on the 8th so hope all was good and easy for him. This past week as taught me a lot about my trip and myself, very happy that it happened and made me open up my eyes!!!

Thanks for riding along.

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