Friday, February 24, 2012




So I forgot to tell you about parking the bike at the hostel in
Cartagena. I was just going to pull it into the walkway, but instead the owner opened up the abandoned café he used to have and let us park in there. I tried to go but it looked like a car might be just a little too much in the way to make it easy, but of course I went for it. I popped the front tired up and was trying to go slow and make sure I wouldn’t hit the car. (Although it was already a little beat up anyways) Due to going so slow not to hit the car I just spun out on the back tire on the curb, two old guys walked over and tried to help. Although they ended up almost dumping me onto the ground I saved it and told them thanks but no need. I was dying of heat and just sweating and ready to get off the bike; I backed up and gave her hell. I popped up perfectly onto the curb pannier smashing into the front of the car then bounding me into the left side of the door and the right side. Once I was inside I was like crap, and looked at the guy who ran the place and he just started laughing gave me high-five, then he quickly shut the door and locked it. I walked outside made sure no real damage; the right side luckily had already been in an accident, so you couldn’t tell what was new or old.

Woke up this morning had a little more fun last night than I wanted but still was up around 7am. I ran around got some cash and paid my bill for three nights. I went into the café grabbed my bike that had been sitting for three days and started it…. Nope dead dead dead not even an attempt. I rolled it outside and tried to run start it, not enough speed. So I grabbed a kid from the hostel and with him pushing I got it first try. I left it running and loaded up the bike, got directions and went and tried to find Matt to say goodbye. He never came home last night, so I am guessing he had a goodnight, I left him a note and my email and headed off. I made it out of town without a hitch, lots and lots of motorcycle taxi’s everywhere. After about 30 minutes of riding I thought my battery should be fine like the other day. Got gas and the bike wouldn’t start. Ask a random guy working on a car to help me out he did and the gas station attendant joined in and I was on my way. I rode all morning through farm lands, had a nice lunch. I had put around 130 miles on her so I knew she would start up. Nope DEAD Battery, I pushed her 100ft to the gas station got gas and got a guy to give me a little shove, two tries and had her running with a wheelie. Headed off the scenery has changed from farmland to rivers and a few mountains. I stopped to top off some gas didn’t know if I would see a gas station up in the mountains with all the small towns. The gas station attendant gave me a quick shove and I was on my way. All of a sudden I was riding higher and higher above the river, the road was twisting and climbing rapidly into the mountains. Amazing Colombian twisty mountain road and jaw dropping views. I just smiled and laughed, wow not doing any good riding for almost a month makes me realize how much I love it and why I am doing this trip. The road just twisted its way up the mountains, I was racing the sun knew I only had till 6:30 and it was 5:45 when I started wondering if my gamble for this one random town was going to pay off. The bridges alone today that I crossed was worth the day, there was so many of them all over the place big and small. As I peaked out at the top of the mountain I was greeted to a Colombian mountain sunset in my face, just awesome. I saw a temple and a small town nestled into the mountain, agh this must be it. The town came and went quickly, ugh oh its gonna get dark soon, wait did I just pass a gas station/ mechanic shop, restaurant, and hotel all in one?? Let’s flip a Uie and see, yup sweet; okay it’s going to be expensive. Wait did you just say a number equivalent to 8 dollars for my own room? Yup I will take it; it ended up being 10 bucks total and extra 2 for parking. It was a truck stop the place is now full with trucks and truckers; I sat at a table of truckers and myself and had dinner. Soup, an orange drink, and entrée of chicken, rice, salad, fries, and a fried banana for desert all for 5 bucks oh and two bags of water for tonight.

Now I sleep and then wake early and head the last 200km to Medellin to be there by 10am for my appointment at the motoshop, I will leave my bike and gear there and just take a small bag and taxi to the hostel. Perfect timing for the battery or starter to go out since I already have an appointment.


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