Sunday, February 12, 2012



        I think it suits very well that today is day 100!!! I have been away from home for 100 days and honestly do not miss it and thank my lucky stars everyday that I am so lucky to do an adventure like this. Walked around for a little while this morning getting the blood flowing, as well as being anxious for the day…. (Boat loading day for the bike)
        At just before noon the captain showed up and said it was game time, strip down the bikes throw all of our gear into his truck and pack a small bag for the boat trip. I started to run, I emptied my Panniers to unbolt them repacked them and threw them into truck, took off windshield, mirrors, gas tank holder, packed all my stuff up, and made a small back for carry on. Holy crap that was fast, okay okay now follow them through the village to a small pier. Wait wait!!, the first mate jumps onto my bike and we chase after the truck. We get there and I stop behind the truck. Ugh what the heck!!! The trucks backing up and the guys still on the back, I’m on a weird pitch and cannot move quickly. I blow my horn and all of the locals yell he stops within inches of me. Okay close one; they all point for me to drive out onto the pier, I ride out to the middle and stop.
 We load up the boat with gear and a stove, batteries, water, and crew for the boat. They come back and grab Matt and his bike, seems very hard they aren’t used to cruisers. I wait for about 20 minutes and they come back for me. Okay heart’s pumping a little I kiss her good bye just in case and line her up with the boat. The boat is about 4 feet below the pier, we grab on lifting her up and then dropping her slowly into the boat. They point for me to sit on the bike and keep her up right as they drive out into the harbor. They want my feet on either side of the boat on the top part doing a split, legs to short… A very big man steps in I get off and he sits down and just ride my bike in the boat with me laughing out into the harbor. We get out and position the boat correctly to hook up the ropes to the bike; they tie one to the handlebars. (I wasn’t to STOKED on) and then the other to the back rack. Hoisted her up and swung her onto the boat with a little stuckage but making it. Then they slam the poor suspension down and tie her tight to the boat. The guy in charge looks up and tells me when in Colombia before riding tighten handlebars they are loose. (I really hope they didn’t strip them and I need new bars) But sweet we are on the boat done finished. There is nothing like the feeling of handing over your permit, passport, all of your gear, your bike, and 750 cash... ugh what!!! I really hope the boats there tomorrow. And they won’t let us stay with the bikes overnight. Trust is the word…. Haha Now we wait till tomorrow for more adventures.

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