Wednesday, February 1, 2012


DAY 87-88


Alright I have been told my font is too small so now we will try this one. Is this easier for everyone to read from my past post? Hope so.

Woke up around 6:30am got ready and headed out the door for the clinic. I walked in had to pay 6bucks for my two blood tests, showed the receipt and sat and waited for about 5 minutes. My name was called I walked into a small office sat down, was asked which arm I chose left (bad call). She put searched for the vein poked in and missed, instead of pulling out and trying again she just twisted the needle around a few times trying to get blood, no luck. She pulled the needle out and put a band-aid on it, got a new needle out opened it up and prepped my right arm. One shot and she hit the vein in the right arm lots of blood for her. She filled up a little capsule and put a band-aid on it. Okay come back tomorrow morning at 7am for your results. Clay wanted to go to the mall look for maps for South America; I was down for a ride. We headed out I was ahead the road split into downtown I took it, didn’t see Clay I stopped and waited. A guy in a pickup waved at me and told me Clay was waiting behind me weird but okay. I headed back just in time to see Clay had flipped a U-turn, I was almost right next to him different side of the median hitting my horn nope he slammed brakes and flipped another U turn. I flipped around, didn’t see him and headed off on my won adventure riding through town. I stopped and walked into the fish market, SPLAT!!! Yup got shat on by a bird, on my shoulder, arm, and inside my helmet… SWEET!!! Haha I just laughed cleaned it up and headed back to the bike. I made it back to the hostel without getting lost; sweet the good luck has begun. Did some research of where I want to go once in South America looking for some epic dirt roads I am tired of Pavement. (Any suggestions would be rad) I hooked back up with clay and we walked to a fish market to get Cerviche (not that good, so pumped for Cerviche in Peru). We had a bunch of beers and made dinner at the hostel for a dollar each. Fell asleep and got eaten alive by mosquitoes second night in a row.

        Woke up headed right to the clinic at 7am…. Yup doctor not in till tomorrow… what? Crap we wanted to head out toward the Atlantic coast today. I talked the receptionist to ask the doctor on duty if my levels were high he said no then walked away.. haha I didn’t know if I need to stay to talk with the doctor, after a while of contemplating I decided to stay there was no reason not to leave we were just going to find free camping somewhere near the port. I got back and told Clay to head out without me and I would catch up with him soon. He said he wasn’t in a rush no big deal. So we then jumped on our bikes and headed out to look for a different mall to look for maps. No luck, we headed back toward the hostel I went home and Clay headed back out to buy a few things from a moto shop.

        We walked all around picking up last minute things for the boat ride.. Peanut butter, rum, crackers, and sunscreen lotion. I tore apart my bike and repacked everything. Checked over the bike made sure she was looking good, topped off oil. We both messed around online and with books picking out and finding new routes. The gnarlier the better, I CANNOT WAIT TO RIDE SOME SOUTH AMERICA DIRT!!!! We made dinner again tonight this time for 75cents each.. not bad getting better and we were both full. I walked around town for awhile; saw a group who is staying at the hostel playing music. I have met 4 different cars/ vans doing the South American stretch all parked outside our hostel waiting for a container.

Well thanks for riding along with me..

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